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300AD is proud to release FAUST by the eminent northern beatmaker and producer Dave Nice. A veteran producer of various styles of electronic music, ranging from hiphop, to jungle and dub, this release represents a different side of his musical production, with ice cold soundscapes, grinding techno and a generally nefarious mood. Here is what the artist himself has to say about the origins of the release:

"This project started as a collaboration with the madman Traumas who had been commissioned by TIFF in 2012 to perform a spoken narration over a silent film, an old tradition from japanese cinema. The film in question was F.W. Murnau's Faust and the project involved creating storytelling and musical textures for the entire two-hour version. The project and performance was completed successfully and I sort of forgot about it for a long time, having spent so much time on it that I felt quite sick of it. Over a year passed and I decided to have another look at the gargantuan project. While the whole affair was far too large to be effectively digested outside of its intended use, I thought parts of it were still quite striking and could work as stand-alone parts. I then proceded to edit out the parts of the score I liked best and to rearrange them into new constellations. When the tracks were finished, the sheer harsh darkness they became made me feel like the only home I knew of where they would truly belong was 300AD."


released January 21, 2015

artwork by Tony Stovik



all rights reserved


300AD Oslo, Norway

300AD is a musical collective and record label, originally based in Oslo, Norway, but now international.

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